Cybersecurity standards are security standards which enable organizations to practice safe security techniques to stop cybersecurity attacks. Eksalansi BPM guidelines provide general outlines as well as specific techniques for implementing cybersecurity. For certain standards, cybersecurity certification by an accredited body can be obtained. There are many advantages to use BPM in alignement with ISO 27032 to prepare your company for changement from on premise to cloud IT systems.

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest security challenges facing that companies are facing today. An emerging topic of importance is how organizations track, assess, grow, and shape this workforce.
Many organizations have turned to workforce planning as a way to understand their current cybersecurity human capital skills and abilities as well as potential infrastructure needs.

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"Cyber threat will pose the number one
threat to our country...Intrusion into
corporate networks, personal
computers, and government systems
are occurring every single day, and
they threaten our economy and our way
of life...Now we must position ourselves
to best combat the cyber threat as it
grows and morphs over the next 10
years...This is the threat of the futures
We're doing everything possible to
ensure that we have the organizational
structure, expertise, and capabilities to
stay one step ahead of the adversary."
--FBI Director Muller


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