E-identitet delivers complete login solutions to many municipalities. These services are characterized by simple enrolment, low cost, easy of use and scalability. In addition to services that support the introduction of e-services, we deliver everything that relates to login. It could be a login to all systems for employees, educators secure logon to the school systems or healthcare login with SITHS cards from tablets. We are a full service supplier

e-identitet services are held both the initial and running costs down while introducing the time is shortened considerably. The service is always support for the latest technology and support for the new standards. The municipality pays only for services that are activated and new services added easily. Unrestricted number of users is always included in the fixed start-up and monthly cost per service. Why invest in hardware and licenses when everything is clear that service? You know the function required and we will solve the rest.

Examples of services

Single Sign On
Secure Single Sing-On login for the Education sector

 To reach some systems require a 2FA login. Swedish e-identity has many methods to choose from that meet the requirements. Introducing them is easy because it always comes with the self-administration services and zero administration services.

Single Sign On does a login to access all systems regardless of location or system to be achieved. Single Sign On works on all systems municipality uses today in Sweden.

Electronic ID/eID

To give parents and citizens an easy and secure log in to e-government system and healthcare facilities Sweden today use Electronic ID to ensure secure access. With e-identitet, gives you an flexibility to login to online business with eID, such as Mobile Bank ID to a large numbers of user groups to all wanted login system in a way that meets the security requirements.

Mobile SITHS/Smart Card

Mobile Access is a service to use SITHS/Smart cards for login via tablets and smart phones. Today are e-identitet enrolling iPads and iPhone's for the health care sector in Sweden on a market with more than 400.000 SITHS/Smart cards.



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